SOUTH CEBU | A Local’s Haven Called Lambug Beach

If not for people we meet, and for people who loves travelling as much as we do, we end up limiting ourselves to what interests us, and what already ready information available during travel planning. Lambug Beach at Badian Cebu was not in our itinerary — really glad to have met Backpacking with a Book who highly recommended this one!

We arrived at Badian, South Cebu early afternoon and had enough time to to check out the beaches in town. Since we were staying at Matutinao Beach Resort, which happened to be the headquarters of the canyoneering tour provider we signed up for, we took some down time resting, and catching up with rest with some nap time. Josiah decided we need to find some bananas for the adventure tomorrow.

He wanted to make sure we stack up with Potassium during the physically tiring activity. We decided to check out town and to replenish some of our personal supplies. We also wanted to check out the recommended Lambug Beach. After buying the things, and provisions we needed, we waited for Dane who was napping back at the resort. We then looked for a pedicab (rela), and asked how much it will cost to take us to Lambug Beach which was a bit away from the town proper.

We got to Lambug beach late in the afternoon but we had enough time to stay for a bit, and even for a swim. Lambug Beach from the jump off is lengthy. You need to walk to find a good spot. we decided to walk further out and found several accommodations that tables, and seat by the beach. We agreed to stay there and snacked and just enjoyed the beach.

If you walk further down the beachline you will find a more secluded area with little to no residences, accommodations, or makeshift stores, and stalls. You can spread your beach blanket there and enjoy the beach to yourself.

Check out our beach hopping day at Badian, Cebu with this video: