SURIGAO CITY | Checking Out Day-Asan Floating Village

The stilts shows watermarks, and signs that dryness is but only a meter to a few inches for these locals. Day-Asan Floating Village a.k.a the Little Venice of Surigao City is not only a residential area but also a community that thrives on livelihood on the sea. Seven kilometers from the city proper of Surigao, it is also the jump off point for boat tours for a swim, and island hopping around the neighboring islands, and islets.

Day-Asan is a village of stilts, and residences on the water, and shoreline. Where some would find comfort building their homes in landlocked areas, a few would build theirs in water vicinity for the love of it, and for livelihood. The water, and blue skies were inviting after our spelunking at Silop Caves early that day.

As the mass of greens from mangroves forest breaks the waters from the sea, the tides ebbs makes it’s presence known by the water levels in these channels.  The mangrove forest not only helps in sustaining marine life, and diversity in the area, it also barricades the current from the sea. Boating tour is expected to be of narrow channels for boats to pass, clear water inviting enough for a swim, and calm water surface that seem enchanting. Instead of road you will find shallow water lanes, and enough mangrove clearings for fish, or lobster pens if not houses, or resorts.

Further out of the mangroves takes you out into the Panag Bay where there are islets you can stop over at for lunch, or snack, beach combing, or for some swim. We took a break, and walk around the islet, but the weather turned grey on us. The boatman took us within mangrove enclosure, and away from the strong wind gusts, and water current. When it started to rain, we decided to take a dip, swim, and snorkel like the sky was not raining on us.

When the skies cleared up as the fought with the clouds, we headed to sand bar in the middle of the bay. The water was so clear that even after snorkeling we can check out the corals under the water from the boat. We did not so much mind large broken corals for it’s sand at the sand bar as we basked what little daylight we had.

Enjoying the sand, sun, and water. How all the blue became all grey, and vice versa was weird, but it was sweet to at least get some little pockets of good weather to enjoy Day-Asan Floating Village, and it’s neighboring islets. Heading back to Day-Asan at the end of the day was curtained by the clouds as the sun was about to set. Definitely a good way to end the day at Surigao City.

How to Get To Day-Asan Floating Village, Surigao:

  • Surigao City Proper – Day-Asan Village
  • Either take a habal-habal, or rent a van at the market, or bus terminal
  • Travel Time: 45minutes – 1H
  • Day-Asan Boat Tour
  • Upon agreed rate with the boatman